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Listed on this page are all of the exercises, activities and links we would like to share with you as we work through this interesting period in all of our lives.  There are multiple catagories: Classes & Exercises, Trivia, Anatomy & Terminology, Design and Interesting Links, and multiple contests to go along with them.  Contest details are given below each heading and new activities will be posted periodically, so be sure to check back!

Classes & Exercises

Here are some easy and fun ways to keep up your hard work at home.  Remember that there is a risk of injury with any movement.  Be sure to have a large enough space to work and that distractions like pets will not be able to get to you while you are working.  There is a LOT of information online, much of it demonstrating poor technique and/or unsafe for dancer bodies.  Anyone can post online, a good motto for parents and dancers to keep in mind is “that if it looks dangerous, it probably is.”  Parents if you find your dancer working with questionable material, we would be happy to review.  The faculty of The Ballet Academy has carefully curated this selection with guidelines for the apropriate levels–please follow these recomendations–working ahead of yourself without the necessary preparation will only create poor habits that are very hard to correct later.

1) We’ve posted the “Practice Trackers” and all of the exercises that were handed out over Winter Break.  Keep track of what exercises you do when and the dancer from each level with the most active record will win a gift certificate to Dancer’s Closet.

2) Lisa Howell and The Ballet Blog have put together a “Training at Home” online program and opened up all of their content for free during this time.  Please check out the program and have fun on their website (there is lots of fabulous information gathered there, including a large part of what we sourced for your Practice Tracker exercises).  The Program Link will take you to the website that includes lots more detailed information and videos; the PDF contains the worksheets and general information.  Work on this program will count towards your activity record (it is better suited for older dancers).

3) Links to online classes/workouts chosen for you by our instructors–add these to your tracker to count for the contest!  We recomend watching an exercise to learn it, then replay the video so you can work along with the music–don’t forget to do both sides!

GoNoodle–Creative Movement and Intro Students–this one is for you! A website packed with games, ideas and videos.

Stretching Routine for Flexibility with Kathryn Morgan–appropriate for Ballet 1 and above.

Floor Barre from The Ballet Blog–(not a video) These print outs go through a full barre done on the floor, really focusing on correct placement and muscle utilization.  Appropriate for all ballet levels.

   Intro          Plie          Tendu          Fondu          Rhond de Jamb          Develope Devant          *Grand Rhond de Jamb          Grand Battement                                                                                                                                                                                                     (*Ballet 3 only)

Ballet Class at Home–Wondering how you can dance at home, check out this video.

Royal Academy of Dance-Grade 1–appropriate for Beginning Ballet and Ballet 1 (Remember–NO JUMPING!)

Royal Academy of Dance-Grade 2–appropriate for Ballet 1, Ballet 2 and Adult Ballet (NO JUMPING)

Beginner Barre with Claudia Dean–appropriate for Ballet 2, Ballet 3 and Adult Ballet

Intermediate Barre with Claudia Dean–appropriate for Ballet 3 and 4

Intermediate/Advance Barre with Kathryn Morgan–appropriate for Ballet 3 and 4

New York City Ballet Workout-Volume 1–Ballet 2 and above enjoy this one hour workout!

History and Jose Limon Technique–this video starts with a bit of history of Jose Limon and then goes to with a class focused on the basic elements of the technique.

Limon Based Technique for Beginners–this video is a compilation of a class.  Watch for some ideas of exercises and/or create combinations, the music stays the same throughout so you can replay the video for the sound for whatever you come up with!  Appropriate for Modern 3.

Find a video of a variation online.  Focus on learning the arms and perform the upper body of variation while sitting in a chair.  Share the video of your performance on Instagram @balletnewarkohio for a ticket AND add it to your tracker. (Yes! This is a two for one deal.)

A note on jumping:  Strength and endurance for jumping is one of the things that can decline on a break, but it is not worth the injury risk jumping on a hard floor would cause.  Instead try these exercises from The Ballet Blog (designed to returning to jumps after injury) to maintain your strength and polish your technique.

Floor Exercises         Standing Exercises



Various activities involving terminology, famous ballets, famous dancers and history will be posted in many varieties: Crossword Puzzles, Who Am I? (versions for both younger  (Jr.) and older (Sr.) dancers), History and Famous Ballets will be posted.  Tickets will be given for each attempted exercise, with bonus tickets for some questions and for completely correct answers.  All tickets will be entered into a drawing for a Dancer’s Closet gift certificate, so the more you do, the better your chances at winning the gift card!

1) Who Am I?

2) Crossword Puzzles

3) History & Famous Ballets


Set 1

Character Matching



Anatomy & Terminology

Design A Costume!

Below are the three blank costumes for our design contest:

Jot down a sentence or two with anything interesting you found from any of the links for credit for the ticket drawing for the Dancer’s Closet Gift Certificate.  Also, please share any interesting videos YOU find.  E-mail the link to [email protected], it is good for a ticket if we post it or use it in another way!

Ballet Hacks with Kathryn Morgan

Ballet Myths with Kathryn Morgan

History of Limon Technique (and a class; same as above)

A Brief History of Ballet from the Podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class“:  Part 1     Part 2

Ballet Evolved from The Royal Opera House-short videos demonstrating how the style of ballet has changed over the centuries.

Content sourced from The Ballet Blog-Lisa Howell, The Ballet Book Workbook Series–Donna Jones Carver/Sally Weatherford, The Anatomy Coloring Book-Wynn Kapit/Lawrence Elson, Favorite Ballets Coloring Book-Brenda Sneathen Mattox and Stars of the Ballet: The Coloring Book of Great Ballerinas-Susan Johnston.

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