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Our introductory series is designed to support and enhance a child’s motor development, integrated movement and kinesthetic awareness that is beneficial in any movement-related activity. Since the curriculum is developmentally rooted, placement is more likely to be age-related than any of our other series of classes. Our instructors have created a robust program to make sure our young dancers grow strong and healthy as they advance as well as help them develop correct technique to minimalize injuries as they get into our ballet and modern programs. 

Toddler and Parent Class *Register NOW*

A fun and easy movement class for our very young dancers to take with their grown-up. This class will focus on gross and fine motor development, patterns, and early learning rhythms and beats. Also, exposing little ones to instruments and different music types in a warm and caring environment. (ages 18 months -2) 

Creative Movement and Preschool Dance     *Register NOW*

Focuses on basic locomotor steps: walking, running, jumping, skipping, galloping, as well as balance, recognizing right and left, rhythm, coordination and pattern.  (approximately ages 3-6)

Lunchtime Preschool Dance    *Register NOW*

For those dancers who have part-day preschool or Kindergarten. Dancers will take part in a 30 minute movement class followed by a Yoga Story.  (approximately ages 3-6)

Intro to Dance     *Register NOW*

Builds on Creative Movement, and progression is largely developmentally dependent.  Still very broad movement-based ideas, with more focus on alignment, opposition, articulation, quality and perception of movement and more complex locomotor steps in sequence and turning.  (approximately ages 6-7)

Dance Foundations     *Register NOW*

For students 8 years and up who love to move and dance but may not be interested in or quite ready for formal technique. This class is also for those dancers that have not taken a dance class previously. This class works in tandem with Beginning Ballet.

Beginning Ballet     *Register NOW*

Builds on Intro to Dance, and progression is still developmentally dependent.  Introduces the structure of a Ballet technique class and teaches introductory level dance positions and terminology.  (approximately ages 7-9)


Ballet 1-5 and Modern 2-4 encompass our technique based curriculum in Modern and Ballet. Both tracks begin with Ballet 1, as ballet is the basis for modern technique as well. Throughout all levels, dancers will work to increase their flexibility, and work to be able to control their current level of flexibility. Moving forward, advancement is on an on-going, individual basis (not by age or numbers of years at each level) to ensure a dancer’s continual success, safety and longevity in movement.

Ballet 1     *Register NOW*

A dancer is typically ready for a technique focused class around age 8. They must demonstrate a basic kinesthetic and spatial awareness, be able to follow directions and maintain focus. Dancers will begin to work on the basic positions of the feet and arms with proper pelvis placement, accessing their hip rotators, spotting with their head and moving forward and backward through space.

Ballet 2     *Register NOW*

Building on Ballet 1, Ballet 2 dancers work to maintain their placement and use of their rotators through more varied movement, both with and without the support of the barre. Extensions (tendu/degage) to the back (derriere/arabesque) are introduced, as well as proper placement and spot for pirouettes at the barre. Much of the technique and strength at this level relies on the ability to access the deep abdominal (“core”) muscles and hip flexors.

Ballet 3     *Register NOW*

Once dancers have demonstrated sufficient core stability and rotator strength they are ready to begin working more on a single leg.  Ballet 3 is designed so that dancers develop the same core strength and rotator control on each leg alone as they do on two.  Dancers also begin to work on connecting one step to another cleanly, maintaining placement and rotation.  Single and double en dehors and en dedans pirouettes are introduced center floor and work is begun on the placement for fouetté turns at the barre.

Ballet 4/5     *Register NOW*

More complex ballet vocabulary is introduced, again with a focus on placement, core and rotator control.  For female dancers, technique class may also be en pointe to allow them to work on gaining the additional strength to maintain their placement while in pointe shoes.


Our Pointe Series consists of Pre-Pointe, Beginning Pointe, Pointe 1, Pointe 2 and Partnering and/or Variations. Typically while in Ballet 2 a dancer will gain enough strength and control of their rotators and core muscles to begin to prepare for pointe.  Developmentally, no dancer may start en pointe before the age of 10, as their bones will not have solidified enough for it to be safe.  Dancers must also maintain two ballet technique classes per week in order to maintain the necessary strength for any of the Pointe Series classes.

Pre-Pointe     *Register NOW*

Once a dancer has demonstrated consistent use of their rotators during technique class, as well has the ability to engage their core, they may be invited to join a pre-pointe class.  This class will teach the dancers exercises to increase the strength and flexibility of their feet to be able to safely dance en pointe.

Beginning Pointe     *Register NOW*

Once a dancer is at least 10 years old and has mastered the necessary strength and flexibility to support themselves, they will be invited to join the Beginning Pointe class.  All first pairs of pointe shoes must be approved by the instructor before the dancer may join the class.  Beginning Pointe will work mainly at the barre on basic rélèvé and piqué based steps beginning on 2 legs and moving to single leg.

Pointe 1 and Pointe 2     *Register NOW*

Once dancers can demonstrate proper placement single leg and one hand to the barre, they will be ready to continue to build on that technique with exercises in the center and then progress to taking full technique classes en pointe as well as adding variations and partnering courses.


Modern dance offerings at The Ballet Academy expose dancers who have achieved solid ballet fundamentals (Ballet 2 or above) to such qualities as use of breath, musicality, nuanced methods of counting or working in groups, challenging rhythms and a use of time and space that differs from traditional ballet. The Modern Series can be a supplement to ballet training or it can become an avenue of training that is supported by a basic level of ballet. The current modern dance instruction draws from the backgrounds of our individual instructors. Progression through the Modern Series loosely follows that of the Ballet Series.

Modern 1     *Register NOW*

An introduction to the ways in which the concepts of dance–space, time and energy apply to Modern Dance.


Modern 2     *Register NOW*

Beyond the basics concepts of dance applied to a Modern technique setting, Modern 2 classes focus on specific techniques/styles of Modern dance, depending on the background of the instructor.


Modern 3     *Register NOW*

Progression through the Modern Series loosely follows that of the Ballet Series and the technique within each series complements the other.  Modern 3 is a continuation of the study of the technique begun in Modern 2. 


While all our classes are open to adult students, some begin dancing later and we offer a few classes to specifically support those students.

Ballet Basics     *Register NOW*

A three-week semi-private introduction to basic ballet terminology, positions and technique for the older teen or adult with limited or no prior ballet experience.  This class may be taken as a precursor to Adult Ballet or Ballet 1 or in conjunction depending on the dancer’s preferences.

Adult Ballet     *Register NOW*

This class is geared towards the older beginning student and can also accommodate dancers with a ballet background who would like to keep ballet in their lives.  Drop-in students are also welcome.

Adult Creative Modern     *Register NOW*

This class is a great way to incorporate movement and creativity into your week! This class is for adults with or without dance experience. Dancers will be introduced to floor and center work, technique, movement combinations, improvisation, and choreography.



At the Ballet Academy we like to expose our dancers to different genres of dance. This allows for dancers to become well-rounded and helps develop their artistry and confidence.

Storytime and After School Yoga

There are so many benefits of yoga for children. We offer mindfulness yoga to our students to help manage anxiety, emotional regulation and boost their self-esteem. There are also many benefits to help dancers with body awareness, strength, and flexibility. Our Cosmic Kids certified instructors achieve this by telling stories that go along with the movements of the body.



Pop-Jazz combines aspects of hip hop and jazz and is often done to pop music. This class will focus on creating movements by encompassing the origins of its creation. This class will help develop rhythm and coordination and encourage individual expression as well as teach new styles and movement. Our instructors make sure to pick age appropriate music and movements for our dancers. 

Theater Jazz

Dancers will learn jazz choreography from great Broadway shows in musical theater history. Class includes a proper warm-up, stretches, and combinations. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills and telling a story through dance. 

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