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Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia has a great interest in the execution, creation, and investigation of movement in physical bodies in the dance environment. She was born in 1996, originally from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Michelle recently relocated to Mount Vernon, Ohio.

She began her dance training in Irish dance in 2012 and later trained in jazz and classical ballet at the same time as she was studying graphic design. Afterward, she began her degree in Contemporary Dance at Universidad de las Américas Puebla in Mexico. Michelle’s training specialized in practice, research, improvisation process, and creation. However, she trained in contemporary dance techniques, classical ballet, Irish dance, and commercial dance techniques during her four years of university. In her artistic career, she has been collaborating and participating in dance projects, performances, physical theater, musical theater, and international dance festivals with different international choreographers, directors, and teachers.

After graduating, she married, moved to the United States, and taught contemporary dance, ballet, and creative movement to different ages. Michelle is an artist focused on contemporary dance philosophy of thought, keen on creating and investigating original movement through having a dialogue with the body and soul instead of controlling it.

Michelle teaches Contemporary/Modern dance at the Ballet Academy.

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